Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum 
Dramatised by Adele Thane

Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, Taunton,  6th – 10th December 1983
Toto Rose Sweeting
Dorothy Alison Devitt
Three Munchkins Tom Hull, Peter Gange, Frank Blackmore
Scarecrow Adrian Whyte
Witch of the North Thelma Wander
Tin Woodman John Burbery
Cowardly Lion John Fisher
Soldier with Green Whiskers Colin Craggs
Wizard of Oz Howard Wander
Lady Angela Lowry
Two Winkies Betty Donald, Angela Lowry
Witch of the West Jane Tipping
Madam Winkie Carol Burbery
Glinda the Good Betty Donald
Voice of Aunt Em Pat Hudson
Directed by Patrick Sanders
Stage Manager Jonathan Nash
Floor Manager Pat Hudson
Assistant Stage Manager Jan Perry
Lighting Martyn Trott
Assisted by Bill Perry and Janet Dodd
Sound Andy Hunt
Assisted by John Scott
Properties Erica Pitchers
Assisted by Elizabeth Scott and Josephine Butler
Wardrobe Betty Lashbrook & Margaret Sanders
Set Design Patrick Sanders
Set Construction Patrick Sanders
Assisted by Edward (Ted) Goldsmith, George Lashbrook, Bill Allsworth, Allen Broom, Ken Pitchers
Design of poster and programme artwork Doreen Lewis-Smith
Press and Theatre Foyer Publicity Photographs Delmar Studio, Taunton
Secretarial Assistance Shirley Boobyer
Hand designed billboard posters Bernard Gay
Publicity Billboards George Lashbrook
Display windows generously provided by: Midland Bank, Woolwich Building Society
Technical Assistance on sound Bob Hudson
Rehearsal AssistantTheresa Clarke