Tons of Money
by Will Evans & Valentine
revised by Alan Ayckbourn

Brewhouse Theatre 3rd – 7th March 2015
Sprules Brian Lewis
Simpson Jane Edwards
Miss Mullett Lorna Evans
Louise Anne Dowsey
Aubrey Adam Smith
Giles Tony Venn
Chesterman Michael Gilbert
Jean Lizzie Knighton
Henery Rob Adam
Maitland Stuart Lloyd
Director Polly Bray
Producer Ron Roberts
Stage Manager/DSM Vin Cunningham
Set Build & Design Dave Levi
Assisted by Paul Smethurst & John Cunningham
Set Dressing & Painting Dona Bullion
ASM Costumes Rose Humphreys
Assisted by Rachel Edwards
ASM Properties Sue Meredith
Assisted by Abigail Lea Wright
ASM Sound John Cunningham
ASM lights Stuart Comley
Assisted by Mark Slocombe
ASM Hair & Make-up Hannah Ringkamp
Assisted by Ellie Bennett & Rebecca Read
Prompt Karen Kerslake
Production Secretary Ted Heard
Poster & Programme Design Michael Gilbert
Photographs Rob Adam
Publicity  Nicola Dawson, Ron Roberts, Rene Kilner
Van driver Peter McGuire
Front of House Manager Rene Kilner

Pictures - Rehearsals

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