Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Simple Spymen, by John Chapman

The Corfield Hall, Taunton, 9th – 12th January, 1963
Corporal Flight Colin Caswell
Lieutenant Fosgrove Keith Mills
Colonel Gray-Balding William Phillipson
Mr Foster Stand Leslie Morris
George Chuffer Henry Adams
Percy Pringle Sydney Banks
Mrs Byng Audrey Angell
Smogs John Walker
Miss Archdale Camille Sim
Max Ewart Evans
CrabEdward (Ted) Goldsmith
Grobchick Nigel Thorn
Producer Elsie Goldsmith
Stage Director John Wilkins
Stage Manager Sheila Dunn
Assistant Stage Managers Edward (Ted) Goldsmith and Maisie Harwood
Wardrobe Mistress Phyllis Challenger
Properties Eileen Needham
Sound Effects Jack Naylor
Scenery constructed by John Wilkins, Arthur Parffrey, Edward Brown, Gwen Wilkins, Camille Sim and Elisabeth Wilkins
Front of House & Acknowledgements
Stewards Directed by Stuart Marfell
Programme Sellers Directed by Noreen Marfell