Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Shall We Join The Ladies? by J M Barrie

(This is the first act of an unfinished play written for the opening of the private theatre of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and first performed by an all star cast. Thespians' performance was followed by Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure, a three act comedy, on the same night!)

The Lyceum Theatre, Taunton, 20th – 22nd February, 1930
Host Robert Young
Lady Jane Wraye Catherine Hetherington
Lady Wrathie Madge Williams
Sir Joseph Wrathie Aubrey French
Mr Preen Douglas Went
Mrs Preen Olive Whitty
Miss Vaile Muriel Dodson
Mr Vaile James Cowan
Mrs Bland Kathleen Bevan
Mr Gourlay Harold Billett
Captain Jennings John Usher
Mrs Castro Marjorie White
Miss Isit Doris Barber
Maid Muriel Rudge
Officer Alan Marshall
Dolphin Frank Barber
Produced by John Wilkins