Oh What A Lovely War
By Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and Members of the Original Cast

Brewhouse Theatre, 6th to 11th November 2018
Nicki Bassett, Rebecca Beard, Karen Bolton, John Burbery, Alan Coles, Nikki Court, Lindsey Cran, Martine Davies, Nicola Dawson, Jane Edwards, Lorna Evans, Clare Fidler, Michael Gilbert, Lizzie Knighton, Tim Knowles, Peter McGuire, Pete Meredith, Torie Meredith, Marcus Palmer, Dominic Philpot, Des Pollard, Rob Smith, Alexa Staple, Pauline Tilley, Carrie Vaughan, Jack Ward, Ben Williamson
Director Mike Linham
Musical Director Gibby Swaine
Choreographer Torie Meredith
Assistant MD Chris Edmunds
Producer Jane Edwards
Associate Producer Des Pollard
Stage Manager Simon Lean
DSM Becky Loxton
Stage Crew Ben Jordan, Pat Collins
AV/Sound Design John Cunningham
Lighting Operation Conor Gilbert
Lighting Design Stuart Comley
Costume Rose Humphreys
Assisted by Ladies of the Cast
ASM Props Ben Jordan
Make-up and hair Jane Busby
Set Ray Court, John Cunningham, Michael Gilbert, Des Pollard & Members of Taunton Thespians
Prompt Rene Kilner
Publicity Rene Kilner
Artwork design / programme Michael Gilbert
Advertising Gaynor Lewis
FOH Managers Andy Busby & Vin Cunningham
Front of House Team Members of Taunton Thespians 
Publicity Distribution Members of Taunton Thespians
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