Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Hay Fever by Noël Coward

The Lyceum Theatre, Taunton, 29th – 31st January, 1934
Sorel Bliss Sheila Parsons
Simon Bliss Percy Olds
Clara Nell Garraway
Judith Bliss Doris Barber
David Bliss Robert Young
Sandy Tyrell Leslie Warren
Myra Arundel Barbara Spencer
Jackie Coryton Joan Lloyd
Richard Greatham Wilfred Westlake
Produced by John Wilkins
Stage Manager Harold Fairweather
Scenery constructed by A J Williams, L Ellis
Scenery designed and painted by A J Simpson, J Cowan
Lighting under the direction of Alan Garraway
Orchestra Conductor Louis Hulatt
Business committee Robert Young, Margaret Jenkin, Vivian Davey, Horace Mole, Wilfred Westlake, Joan Wilkins