Taunton Thespians Archive - past productions

Grouse in June by N. C. Hunter

Odeon Theatre, Taunton, 20th – 22nd April, 1942.
John Campbell John Hargreaves
Nancy Ferguson Mollie Clarke
Mary Sanderson Barbara Spencer
General Edward Sandeman Leslie Hender
Professor Matthew Cunningham Stanley Rickards
Robert Ferguson Robert Wickens
Bill Kelly Eric Small
Sophie Kelly Margaret Way
Joe Baker Wilfred H Tyler
Jeannie Sheila Webster
Maggie Campbell Nell Garraway
Slick M’Coy Percy Olds
Produced by Esmé Beringer
Stage Manager Leonard Meux
Properties under the direction of A J Cameron
Scenery designed and painted by Leonard Meux
Assisted by Kay Meux, Nancy Perratt, S R Perratt and A Richardson
Orchestra Conductor Stephen Philpot