Thespians' 90th Birthday
Variety Show

Brewhouse Theatre, Saturday 17th Feb 2018 7.30pm
For one night only, we got together with lots of other groups from the area and ran a fundraiser for The Brewhouse. After costs, we donated over £2000
Everyone on and off stage
Our Ever Effusive and Eloquent Chairman (Hooray!) Alan Coles
The Dastardly Sir Putrid Canker (Boo!) Ben Williamson
Little Nellie, Genuinely Touching in her Naivety Dona Bullion
The Bright, Lively, Loving and protective Sister Belle Karen Bolton
The Pathetically Blundering, Short-sighted Hero Claud Body (Hooray!)  Peter Meredith
The Man with a Multitude of Parts (no, seriously!) maat ward
Director Jane Busby
Producer Jane Edwards
Sound design and operation Andy Busby
Wardrobe Dona Bullion
Make-up Jane Busby
Props Donna Bullion
Rehearsal Prompt Jane Edwards
Performance Prompt Martin Jevon
Set Construction Des Pollard
The Rivertones  That’s Barbershop (Acapella)
LEAD VOICES Andrew Claydon, Jack Dennis, Mike Ellis, Peter Garrard, Ron Marriott, Chris Martin, Mike Oliver, Shaun Wilson, John Stokes, Wynne Jones
BASS VOICES Alec Ruthven, Gerry Hammond, Colin Harlow, Geoff Hayes, Nigel Middleton, John Morrod, John Neenan, Des Ryan, Mark Smith, Lee Spreadbury, Kevin Toller, John Bush
BARITONE VOICES Martin Sumpter, Peter Stead, Brian Pankhurst, Rob Morgan, Kevin Hamer, John Mallett, Mike Eastmond, George Bower
TENOR VOICES Graham Blight, Murray Porter, Jim Kirkby, Russell West
Halse Players Fondly Remembered (Comedy)
Donald Sowerby Alan Byrne
Rev. Thomas Haldane Leff Cook
Cressida Brent Louisa Beale
Zoe Seymour Jay Brooksbank
Barry Dumont David Porter
DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY Caroline Cook and Jan Baker
HATS (Hatch Beauchamp) In the Mood (Music)
Ready Plucked  Steve Williams
The Chickens Chrissie Williams, Carole Walters, Sue Young, Jacqueline Green & Rachel Smith
Roadwater Players  2 Sketches (Comedy) 
First Gentleman Jackie Heard
Second Gentleman Phaedra Rush
Ambassador Chris Marshall
Third Gentleman  Patrick Daley
Fourth Gentleman  Clary Binding 
Customer Benedict Lintott
Shopkeeper Nige McBrayne
Somerset Opera Ruddigore (Light Opera)
CAST LIST Dennis Carter, Harold Mead, Jay Quick, Steve Meredith, Sally Jago, Joyce Penn, Sue Goodman, Tracy Skinner, Suzi Allen, Annie Bowles, Wendy Freudenberg, Adele Walker, Stephen Grimshaw, John Sanders, John Fisher, Charlie Webb
BACKSTAGE Hilary Marshall
Trull Players Pantomania (Comedy/Music)
Jack Juliet Maddren
Cinderella Jen Whitworth
Dame Ash Stockton
Silly Billy Mason Gear
Evil Henchman Martin Sumpter
Dairy Dawn Johnson
Director Jen McLean
Costumes and props Tonya Gear and Jen McLean
Makeup Lisa Coomber and Kay Trowell
Street Theatre  3 Shakespeare Revue Sketches (Comedy)
Performers Bruce Bourquin, Neil Howiantz, Jane Sayer, Paul Townsend, Karen Trevis
CATS (Chard)  Cats do Joseph (Music)
CAST Andrew Herbert, Jacacia Totterdell, Claire Mitchell-Snudden, Mandy Cameron-Taylor, Hayley Glazier, Gary Glazier, Steve Warwick, Mike Eldridge, Becci Riste, Amy Stoodley, Barb Gidley, Jenny Kenton, Carol Wellsburr, Leanne Henley, Morgan Miller, Maia Henley, Thalia Glazier, Jessica Newton, Jadeen Totterdell.
PRODUCER/DIRECTOR  Lorraine Marshall
MD  Bill Case
Bradford Players  90 Years of Dance in 7 Minutes (Music/Comedy)
PERFORMERS Sue Garrett, Mike Leach, Rebecca Beard, Kathleen Waugh, maat ward
TAOS  Side by Side (Music)
Robert David Duthie
David Chris Williamson
Jenny Tracy Skinner
Paul Darren Oxman
Sarah/Amy Caroline Kelly
Peter Jay Quick
Susan Kerry Warcup
Larry Philip Cox
Joanne Beth Cox
Taunton Thespians' Variety Show Crew
Production Manager Lizzie Knighton
Stage Manager Torie Meredith
DSM Lorna Evans
ASM Peter Meredith
Sound Operation Andy Busby
Lighting and Sound Design .John Cunningham
Lighting & Sound Assistant Peter Chidzey
Follow spot operator Conor Gilbert
Publicity Rene Kilner
Performers’ Liaison Manager Vin Cunningham
Poster and Programme Designer Michael Gilbert
FOH Managers Polly Bray, Jane Edwards
Taunton Thespians' Variety Show Organising Committee
Polly Bray, Jane Busby, Andy Busby, John Cunningham, Vin Cunningham, Jane Edwards, Lorna Evans, Clare Fidler, Michael Gilbert, Martin Jevon, Rene Kilner, Lizzie Knighton, Torie Meredith, Peter Meredith, Sue Meredith, maat ward
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